Media Release – Avalon Airport

Aeon Technology Services Launches East Coast Servicing Capability

PERTH, Western Australia 1 October 2015 – Information Technology (IT) Asset Servicing company Aeontech, announced today that, effective from 1 October 2015 it will, for the first time, offer a complete ‘end to end’ IT Servicing capability across Australia with the establishment of its new state of the art, high security facility at Avalon Airport, Victoria

Co Managing Director, John Uzelac said, ”This is a game changer for the industry. The new facility at Avalon, a further development of our Perth operations, takes the IT Servicing industry into a new era with Aeontech at the forefront with industry leading developments in servicing capability and site security. “The establishment of our Avalon facility offers our clients, for the first time in Australia, a fully site secure facility with high volume servicing capability,” said Mr Uzelac

Co Managing Director, Shan Patterson added, “Aeontech’s new servicing capability, incorporating high volume, high speed asset imaging, deployment and recovery services, will ensure that for the first time, major IT roll-outs can be achieved in Australia at price and volume/time competitive rates not previously seen in this country. “Production rates well in excess of 1000 units a day can now be achieved, smashing the current industry delivery standards and ensuring that even the most stringent high volume IT projects can be serviced onshore at cost effective and highly competitive rates”

“Aeontech now offers a whole of IT business cycle capability Australia wide, providing end to end IT asset management solutions incorporating financing, procurement, front end servicing and back end decommissioning, as well as re-marketing,” said Mr Patterson

With the development of the Avalon facility, Aeontech is now leading the industry in Australia in establishing new standards in security and services in the fast growing IT asset management sector